Our Company

Exportadora Ikalma S.A. born of the need receive fresh quality fruit from importers and distributors in the world market. Importers together to a outstanding team of professionals with extensive experience in the agribusiness area and exports, decided to give life to a company whose values and objectives are focused on the export of a quality product and retribution their suppliers.

Our company is named from the Icalma lagoon, in Mapudungun is “Ikalma, beautiful and idyllic lagoon, until now, few people have been to visit, located on the heights of the Andes on the border with Argentina and surrounded by true granite walls, where there is also a beautiful town full of stories.

Our Products

  • Arándanos / Blueberries
  • Cerezas Frescas / Cherry
  • Uva de Mesa / Grape
  • Manzanas / Apple
  • Kiwi


Our objective work is to provide our customers the necessary tools for the export process is developed in conjunction, with a profitable and sustained growth, supported by the capabilities obtained in more than 10 years of experience team of professionals in the areas of export and Agribusiness.

Our work is done in a simplified way and oriented strategic objective of our customers.

Our service areas are:

  • Management consulting for export
  • Strategic Alliances

Agroindustrial Products Division

  • Dried blueberries
  • Dried cherries with and without carozo
  • Blondes raisins
  • Dark raisins
  • Blueberries IQF.
  • Cherries IQF.